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All-Inclusive Rental of IT and AV Equipment

Rentcomp's focus on service excellence has resulted in us offering a wide range of services to ensure customer and client satisfaction and peace of mind. To follow are some of the options we offer and benefits of using our service:

Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Extended Rental

Depending on your need for our IT and AV equipment you have the option to rent for varying periods of time. Our rates differ according to the period you wish to rent for, with daily, weekly and monthly rates. In addition, we offer a long term rental option, this is perfect if you are worried about purchasing high priced equipment that will become obsolete in just a few months, and that is fully tax deductable.

Drop and Run Service

Our equipment is delivered within 4 to 24 hours, provided there is stock availability on the desired product quantity. We know that, especially in the events industry, it is important to have the necessary IT and AV equipment on-site as soon as possible.

Delivery, Installation, Set Up and Collection

We have the skills necessary to take care of the entire process from the moment you make your order. We will deliver the equipment to the site, if required we will install and set up the equipment for you and, when your rental period has expired, we will collect our equipment from you. In this way we make the process as convenient as possible for our clients.

Insurance Cover

All of our IT and AV equipment can be covered by insurance at a competitive rate to give you, our customer, peace of mind when in possession of the equipment.

Sale of Products

All of our rental products are also available for direct sale if the need rises during the course of the rental period.

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